Brent Lawson,

Senior Consultant

I have had the pleasure of working with the developers at Webwavers since early 2017 while I was serving as the Front End Lead Developer for Focus Brands in Atlanta. From the first interactions with Ionut and seeing the code he was contributing, I knew we had found a solid, reliable resource to handle our work overflow and help us with ideation for our website features. The team of developers works with the highest attention to detail that I have encountered in my years of working with offshore development resources.

Their ethics and accountability are outstanding. I also very much appreciated their excellent communication skills, both with the mastery and comfort with American English and the clear, appropriate messaging in every encounter. Technical mastery is also apparent every time code is committed from the team. The developers are always concerned with producing well-organized code that makes proper use of coding language conventions and the best practices of whatever framework or library is in use. I would enthusiastically recommend the Webwavers team for any project that requires excellent front-end development.

Claudia Monroy,


I've had the opportunity to work with Webwavers in several different projects and can highly recommend them for any professional web development work.

The Webwavers team is always ready to help, especially proficient, doesn't miss a deadline, hard-working and trustworthy. I value their expertise and the ability and will to try new technologies and adjust depending on the client and/or budget.

Janet Mendoza,

Product Designer

I have worked with the Webwavers’ team in a few projects and I highly recommend them. They are easy to work with and they are always providing the best advice to take your project to another level.

I enjoyed working with Webwavers and I hope to continue having business with them through the coming years.